Nature and Music – A Perfect Mélange

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything – Plato

If you’ve ever been in love with a song, the above statement would help you understand just why you fell in love with that song. If you’re crying to Bono or feel happy listening to Clapton or are simply head banging to hard metal, isn’t it sign enough that music has the power to create emotions deep within you?

Music lovers like us cannot live without music. However, there are ways to listen to your music in a much better way in order for you to draw your inspiration from it or reach out to realms of creativity with music. Silence has always been the soul of music and the music of nature has always been the wine that fills up this cup of silence. Merge the soulful music into the ambrosial nature and you would have a recipe that would help you discover your soul with music.

A few simple ways that you can absolutely enjoy your music is to be out in the greenery that our planet has blessed us with. When you are out in the open, positivism multiplies exponentially and the result is an intense sense of pleasure. My personal favorites are the following

Set out for a long drive: If you have an SUV, go off-road and listen to the rock n roll you were meant to. Driving to music is an experience that is much underestimated and if you can leave all your bothers behind and just focus on the road with music falling in your years, you are freshening up your senses all over again. Of course the genre of music you listen to or your playlist would determine your state of mind. Make sure that you carry positive music with you – perhaps like space rock or country or blues or retro.

Road Trip Playlist:

Go hiking and trekking: Put on your hiking gear and your earphones and simply walk to the peak. Research has actually proved that people who walk while listening to music feel less tired after their journeys as compared to their peers with no music. If you can imagine being somewhere in the middle of a trail with lush green trees around you and sounds of water streams and birds and the wind merging in with your music, you surely would love to experience it.

Go biking:On a winter day, get out your bike and paddle along on empty trails with your music filling your mind as you feel the wind in your hair with the sun warming you up. You can get a great bike rack for SUV at low prices and if you want to go camping in your car and then pick up a trail, you can simple mount the rack on your car and take your bike along. To be simply in the vicinity of music for three days straight while camping is an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you set up a long playlist though


My wooden boat and I,

We sail to the middle of the sea

In the silence lingering by

We embrace the music to set us free

If you can relate to the above lines, there is nothing more you would want to do than to get your canoe out and start that playlist you always wanted to listen to in peace.

My 8 Most Relaxing Musical Artists

As a mother of three my life can be very stressful.  When I am not driving my kids to games and back I like to find things that relax me.  Deep meditation has been by favorite “new” way of relaxing as I kind often find a state of calmness that I could never reach before.  Besides meditating I also like to do relaxing things to heel my body and mind.  These include time on an inversion table, regular massages and acupuncture at least once a month.

Pearl Jam

The one thing that I always do is try to find some relaxing music to go along with these relaxing things that I like to do.  With that being said, I don’t enjoy the typical elevator or boring “massage” music that some places play so I always bring my own music.   Listed below are my top 8 all-time relaxing artists

  1. Pearl Jam -  While it does have some rock and roll jams, the calm easy effect from the early tracks on this CD are among the best that are ever made.  I tend to skip over  the hard songs and go into the more emotional songs, these have strong lyrics, but are very relaxing.
  2. Adele-  I love Adele’s voice and I am so glad that she has finally become famous.  At hearing her voice for the first time 3 years ago I instantly fell in love.  She can bring you into a song quite like no other female artist.  While I love Eddie Vedder, Adele comes a very close 2nd place.
  3. Led Zeppelin-  Some might be quite mystified by this pick, but Zeppelin’s softer music is some of the best ever made.  “Thank you” is one that comes to mind off the top of my head and it is truly one of my “go to” relaxing songs.
  4. Jack Johnson-  Another more recent artist, Jack Johnson is one of the few artists that is loved across all genres.  I have an 80 year old grandmother that loves Jack Johnson  just as much as my 8 year old daughter.  Jack’s smooth guitar is great when you are in a sour mood.
  5. Mumford & Sons-  A great “Irish” band, Mumford & Sons are CDs that I buy the instant that they come out from Amazon.  I love that some of their hits have such a great melody that you can’t resist but loving them.
  6. The Black Keys-  Straight out of Akron, Ohio this is one newer group that I have become addicted too lately.  This is my “go to” CD when I go on walks and I can listen to all of their CDs pretty much from song one on without having to skip.
  7. Colbie Callait-  A more soft gentle side comes from Colbie.  No matter what mood I am in, Colbie’s music can make me smile when I put it on my iPod.   I love how such a young girl has such a powerful voice.
  8. Phil Phillips-  I loved Phillips the moment I saw him on American Idol.  With a great voice an excellent guitar skills I thought Phillips had no chance to win Idol, but like millions of others who fell in love with him, he got what he deserved.  Phillips is a younger Jack Johnson whose songs have become some of my favorite when stressed or in need of a pick me up.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed my list.

Best Music for Household Chores

One thing that no one really enjoys doing is yard work and household chores.  With this being said, it does need done and there are ways to make it better.  One thing that makes almost anyone work harder is downloading their favorite CD onto their Ipod.  Below we like to list some of choices for favorite music and the chores that go along with it.


Mowing the Lawn- Mowing the Lawn can be made much easier with a good classical music choice.  Because no one really enjoys this type of work, unless you have an awesome riding mower, it is best to choose something that will mellow you out rather than make you angry or upset.  I like Mozart or Chopin when I’m mowing my grass as it is hard to get upset when listening to a classic symphony.

Power Washing-  Power washing a deck or driveway is an angry job for me.  I take dirt and mold personal and I like to get angry as I attack it.  A good old fashioned Metallica “Master of Puppets” or Guns N Roses “Appetite for Destruction” is my choice when conquering dirt and mold with my favorite pressure washer.  This stuff got me pumped for football in high school and still gets me pumped to this day.  Good bye dirt and scum !

Inside Cleaning-  With three kids it is hard to keep anything clean for a period of time.  While I love to have my kids help me clean, they just cause bigger messes more time than not.  For these cleanups I like to put in “All Eyez on Me” by Tupac as this gets me pumped and moving fast.  Make sure to keep these CDs away from your kiddies though as a couple Tupac Shakur lyrics can turn your kids into potty mouths in no time.

Painting-  Painting is one of the most boring jobs in the world, especially without music.  Because it is repetitive and boring I like to get myself in a more jazz or classical music mood as it calms me down.   While I have graduated from the traditional hand painting to now using paint sprayers I still find this job quite boring.  Miles Davis is something I always keep on hand when I am thinking about painting, as he puts me in a good mood no matter how I am feeling.

Overall cleaning anything isn’t very fun, but it is a necessity if you want to have nice stuff.  Take these musical tips above and you will enjoy your pressure washing, dish washing or whatever other type of chores that you may do.

Big Pete